Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster

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Model A5+ DashMaster from Innosilicon mining X11 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 65Gh/s for a power consumption of 1500W.

Manufacturer: Innosilicon

Minable coins: DashMonetaryUnitOnix

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Product Description

Buy Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster at Lowest Price

Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster miner that can produce at a maximum of 65 GH/s hash rate with 1.5 KW power consumption. Axe, Dash, Imagecoin and Euno miner compatible with X11 hashing algorithm.

As the world’s leading supplier of advanced mining ASIC, Innosilicon proudly launches its new generation X11 miner — A5+ DashMaster. As everyone knows, Innosilicon A5 DashMaster is the world best X11 miner in 2017. Compared with A5 DashMaster, the new generation A5+ DashMaster has a series of significant progresses in all aspects, such as 65GH/s high efficiency, 1500W low power consumption, 265mm*250mm*155mm compact time-tested design. All of these strengths bring huge competitive advantages especially when hash rate increases rapidly. As a result, the new generation A5+ DashMaster has significantly longer life time, lower operating cost, and higher ROI in all conditions.

Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster profitability

Hash Rate: 65GH/s(+/-8%)
Power Consumption: 1500W ( +/- 8%, normal mode, at the wall, PSU efficiency: 93%, temperature: 25°C)
Chip Type: A5+ DashMaster ASIC
Dimensions: Double tube, 265mm(L) x 250mm(W) x 155mm(H)
Net Weight: 6.02KG(without PSU)
Allowed ambient temperature range: 0°C to 40°C
Network Connection: Ethernet

Innosilicon X11 is fully proved and the new batch is coming! Limited quantity with superior 6-months warranty. First ordered, first served!

Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster — Best UK, USA, ASIA Dash Miner

Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster specifications

Manufacturer: Innosilicon
Model: A5+ DashMaster
Release: March 2018
Size: 250 x 155 x 265mm
Weight: 6020g
Noise level: 75db
Fan(s): 4
Power: 1500W
Voltage: 12V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 0 – 85 °C

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