Buy Jasminer X4-1U Server 450MH/s

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【Jasmine X4 High-throughput 1U Server】JASMINER X4 1U ETC SERVER 【Shipped within 30 days after payment】

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Specifications: computing power 520MH/s±10% power consumption 240w±10% video memory 5G delivery within 15 days


Product Description

High Quality New Buy Jasminer X4-1U Server 450MH/s ETH Miner Server 450M 520M 240W Two Options Low Power Consumption Miner Machine

Buy Jasminer X4-1U Server 450MH/s, this product includes a power supply, full payment is required.

2. This product supports SF Express (default air freight) and crossover. For specific expenses, please consult the logistics service provider. The freight and insurance premiums are borne by the consignee

3. In the event of an insured accident, upon your request, we will make a claim to the insurance company on your behalf. If the insurance company refuses to pay all or part of the payment due to your failure to submit true, accurate and complete information, you shall be solely responsible. Buy Jasminer X4-1U Server 450MH/s

4. If you fail to use the product according to the instructions, specifications, instructions or conditions of use we provide you, we are not responsible for any consequences of such use. Buy Jasminer X4-1U Server 450MH/s

5. The actual machine may be different from the picture, please refer to the actual product received.

For more details or to order more quantities, please contact us through the official website.


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