Obelisk SC1 Immersion

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Model SC1 Immersion from Obelisk mining 2 algorithms ( Blake2B, Blake2B-Sia ) with a maximum hashrate of 2.2Th/s for a power consumption of 1600W.

Manufacturer: Obelisk
Minable coins: SiaClassicSiaCoinSpaceCash


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Product Description

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Obelisk SC1 Immersion Sia miner achieves the full compatibility of the Sia algorithm. Sia miner with a maximum hash rate of 2.2 TH/s at 1.6 KW power consumption.

Obelisk SC1, Gen 2 Immersion 2.2 TH/s Blake2B-Sia specifications:

  • Power consumption: 1600 Watt
  • Hashing algorithm: Blake2B-Sia
  • Hash rate: 2.2 TH/s
  • Made in USA
  • All machines include associated power supply

Manufacturer: Obelisk
Model: SC1 Immersion
Also known as: SC1 immersion, 4 boards (Gen 2)
Release: March 2019
Chip boards: 4
Chip count: 128
Noise level: 30db
Cooling: Immersed in liquid
Fan(s): No fans
Power: 1600W
Voltage: 12V
Interface: Ethernet

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Obelisk SC1 Immersion



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